Diversitatea pașnică ne face foarte bine

“The world has too much strife, racial and social divides being fed 24/7; it’s non-stop. It turns normal, loving people into brainwashed zombies who can’t come together. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I’d like to make a place where all people can come together.”/…/” “One of the things we love about our shows is we get all walks of life, all ages, all colors, all politics, all genders, all religions.” (Raul Malo)

“But what the many of the folks that ask where the big voices and towering talents of music have gone these days don’t understand is that one of them is hiding out right under their noses. Raul Malo remains like the last living man with the voice and the presence to absolutely command audiences and attention, and it’s only his stubbornness and humility that keeps his name once more removed from the public eye by insisting the attention be shared with his band, who happen to be masters of their respective disciplines themselves.” (Saving Country Music.com)

Raul Malo poate cânta cu oricine; nimeni nu cântă ca el. Mavericks pot cânta cu oricine, chiar și cu cei care sunt cineva, cum ar fi Jim Lauderdale; nimeni nu cântă ca ei

Până-i revăd pe viu (2 decembrie, la Strathmore, Bethesda), o piesă de pe cel mai recent album scos de Mavericks. Albumul se numește MONO. Când ai ceva de spus, există și curajul de a mai înregistra azi mono…





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